Can Seniors Create Revenue Opportunities From A Reverse Mortgage? See How Ray and Linda Did Just That.


When I met Ray and Linda, paint was flaking off the fascia, the stucco… everywhere, old cracked tile in the kitchen, an unused swimming pool and they were heating and cooling a huge home that was completely underutilized because they were “empty-nesters”. 


Ray and Linda’s home was in Huntington Beach, Ca. Their home was approximately 3,200 hundred square-feet, all the bedrooms were upstairs… we all know the familiar story. 


Of-course, Ray and Linda wanted to keep their independence. They have a son and daughter-in-law with children in Aliso Viejo, Ca. 


Ray and Linda wanted to be involved in their grand-children’s life. We decided this was a great time to “right size their life style” by purchasing a home near their kids and grand-children. 


We found a small home in Mission Viejo adjacent to Aliso Viejo for $600K  – a 1,500 sqft home (less square feet to cool and heat) that had recently been remodeled. They purchased this home with a reverse mortgage for purchase using 300K from 800K of the proceeds from the sale of their Huntington Beach for the down-payment.


The reverse mortgage allows them to never make a mortgage payment again for the rest of their lives. Ray and Linda used the remaining proceeds from the Huntington Beach sale to purchase a tri-plex in Riverside for cash that brings in $3,500 a month in rental income. 


They now have more disposable income per month then they ever have had before and liquid assets to cover any family and/or medical emergencies. Ray and Linda are now involved in their grandchildren’s sporting events and school plays and they vacation often. 


Mission Complete!


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